Under The Dusty Moon Review

Under The Dusty Moon

Under The Dusty Moon

By Suzanne Sutherland

I received a free copy of Under The Dusty Moon for my honest opinion.

Under The Dusty Moon was not a bad book, but it was not a good book either. The writing style felt forced, and it just generally left me feeling unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, there were bits that I thoroughly enjoyed in it, like the gaming part, but the rest of the story just did not seem to flow.

Victoria is the daughter of Dusty Moon’s lead singer, Micky Mahler. Under The Dusty Moon does show the bad of the music industry, but it felt unjustified in the context of this book. Micky is a very confusing character, as was her daughter.  I felt like Victoria did not have any backbone. Victoria constantly kept complaining about things that were not her fault.

I wish that Sutherland had mixed in the geek references a tad more subtly into the book, as they felt like they were stuck in their just because she wanted to mention them.

I do feel like that I would have enjoyed Under The Dusty Moon more if it had focused on Victoria’s love of gaming.


Have you read Under The Dusty Moon? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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