November Reads

Every month I try and plan what books I want to read, and most of the time I get completely side-tracked by new releases or I cannot find the book I plan on reading.

This list is supposed to help me organize my reading life.

So basically i am trying to get through all of the Star Wars canon books before The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 17th! I am not sure if it will work if you count the ‘young reader’ books out, like the Rebels chapter book as it is called.

Below are the books I plan to read in no particular order.

  1. Dark Disiple
  2. Red Moon
  3. Heir To The Jedi
  4. Tarkin
  5. Lords Of The Sith
  6. Ensnared By Destiny

Are their any books that are coming out that I must read? Or are their any series’s that I should start reading? What about your November book list? Let me know in the comments below!


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