Stolen Review



By Lucy Christopher

Stolen is unlike and book i have ever read before. To say i fell in love with it does not describe how i feel.

Stolen is unusual to 99% of other book in the aspect that it is written in 1st person perspective. But i could not imagine Stolen being written any other way. In all honesty, if it was written in 3rd person like majority of books, it would have taken away the meaning of the book.

Stolen is written in the form a journal from Gemma, who was kidnapped. Gemma was kidnapped from an airport by Ty. Since Stolen is written in 1st person, we never get to fully understand Ty as we can only see him from Gemma’s perspective, and become enticed by him with his weird ways.

I would love to say so much more about Stolen, but i do not want to spoil it as it is one of those books that you want to read without knowing much beforehand.

Even though there is not much action, which are the novels that i usually read, i just was not able to put Stolen down. Something about it has changed me, just like being kidnapped has changed Gemma. I would defiantly recommend Stolen to anyone, and i plan on rereading it as-well.


Have you read Stolen? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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