The Sword of Summer Review

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard – The Sword of Summer

By Rick Riordan

The Norse Gods. Never thought that I would like them, but obviously Uncle Rick was able to make me fall in love with Norse mythology.

I am still not happy with how long it took me to read The Sword Of Summer. Yes you read that right. 1 day is too long. It only took me about 8 hours to read the Percy Jackson, Heros Of Olympus and Kane Chronicles, the individual books, not the entire series! This isn’t a good sign for me. From the first word I was like ‘oh hey Percy, nice to meet you again’.

Apart from Magnus Chase being very Percy Jackson-like, i eneded up enjoying The Sword of Summer.  I have never been interested in Norse mythology, so it is interesting to read about another set of gods, not that Rick really explained what each of the gods are.

I was only able to imagine Tom Hiddleston as Loki, not that i am complaining but i believe that this may have detracted from the book as Marvel’s Loki sounds a lot nicer than how Riordan described him.  In all honesty, the Marvel movies may have shaped my thoughts on the Norse Gods more than i would have liked.

I think i was just underwhelmed by a lot of things in The Sword Of Summer, but that still did not stop me from enjoying it.  The second book in the series is called ‘The Hammer Of Thor’. Which sounds exciting! Only a year to go to continue Magnus Chase’s adventure with the Norse Gods!


Have you read The Sword Of Summer? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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