Jump Review 



By Sean Williams

Jump is the first book in the Twinmaker Trilogy by Sean Williams.

D-mat has taken over the world. Literally. It is a form of teleportation that everyone has access to. Want go to Paris for breakfast? Sure, why not. Then back to NY for school to start? No problem. Or a quick swim in the Maldives? Who isn’t! Also a ‘fabber’ has been invented. It basically can make anything you want. The latest Marc Jacobs bag, to the food you eat everyday. Famine and pollution have been eradicated. Seems like the perfect world right? To an extent it is. But why write a book about a perfect world?

I found Jump quite unique as I have never read a book that touches teleportation. The teleportation aspect is the motivator for Jump in my opinion. Basically whether humans should use the d-may to teleport or not.

I am having mixed feelings about Jump. Their are event that happen often though lout the novel the Clair seems to get over way to easily considering what occurred. It almost felt like she wasn’t human. I thought that an explanation was going to offered at the end and it was, but then it was just as quickly thrown out of the window.

Jump started out quite strong, but the ending let it down. Too much happened to quickly with no real reason given.

But I do believe the Jump has some good insightful thought that you could take into life today, my favorite being:

“You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try.”

I unfortunately wouldn’t  recommend Jump to everyone. If you want to read a book with a lot of, almost mindless action, then sure but if you want a good plot and character development then stay away.


Have you read Jump? Do you agree with my review? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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Purchase it on Amazon here.


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